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Building a promising legacy for future generations

We are committed to supporting First Nations and Indigenous communities with our wills and estate planning services. Our team of lawyers are here to help you navigate this important aspect of your future with confidence. With over 60 years’ experience collaborating with Indigenous communities, Treaty Nations, and bands under the Indian Act, we strive to foster meaningful relationships built on trust and respect.

Wills Preparation

We assist you in drafting a comprehensive will that reflects your wishes and complies with federal law applicable to First Nations. We work to ensure your assets are distributed according to your intentions, with consideration for any land held in reserves, personal property, and investments. Our collaborative approach ensures that your aspirations, concerns, and community dynamics are woven into the fabric of your estate plan.

Administration of First Nations Estates

We support executors and administrators in the complex process of First Nations estate administration. This involves a meticulous examination of the legal and cultural aspects involved, ensuring that the wishes of the deceased are honoured while respecting the unique cultural considerations of the community.

Dispute Resolution

Our team offers guidance and representation in the event of disputes over wills, estates, and trusts. We are skilled in negotiation, mediation, and litigation, working diligently to ensure your interests are well-protected.

Understanding Indigenous Rights & Laws

We appreciate the intersection of Indigenous laws and Canadian federal law when it comes to wills and estate planning. Our lawyers are knowledgeable about the Indian Act and the unique rights and considerations that apply to First Nations individuals. We aim to understand and meet the specific needs of Indigenous communities in our estate planning services.

Our commitment goes beyond just providing legal help. We’re dedicated to being socially responsible and empowering communities. We actively work with Indigenous organizations, supporting projects that improve the well-being and self-determination of these communities.

We also prioritize ongoing education for our legal team about changes in Indigenous laws. This helps us make sure our services are not only legally correct but also culturally aware and responsive to the unique needs of the communities we work with. Our lawyers also provide ongoing education to Indigenous governments and First Nations administrations on estate planning matters.

Other Considerations