North Vancouver Wills Lawyers and Estates Lawyers 

Too frequently difficult family or financial situations arise which could have been avoided by a few moments of careful estate planning. Seeking Wills and Estate advice now and taking the appropriate action will ensure that your own future, and the future of those who depend upon you, is secure. Founded in 1950, Ratcliff LLP is the largest law firm in North Vancouver and West Vancouver, British Columbia. Our Wills Lawyers and Estates Lawyers offer estate planning advice to a wide range of clients throughout the B.C. Lower Vancouver Mainland.

Our Wills and Estate Planning Services include:

  • a detailed review of your estate planning objectives
  • tailored advice on how best to accomplish your wishes
  • appropriate strategies to protect wealth for your beneficiaries
  • advice on a variety of asset protection issues, such as avoiding Wills variation claims
Wills Lawyer North Vancouver

Estate Disputes

Ratcliff North Vancouver estate litigation lawyers provide objective advice and direction to assist clients in the resolution of disputes involving trusts, wills and estates. For further information, or advice on your particular circumstances, please contact one of our lawyers for a confidential discussion.

Estate Administration and Probate

If a loved one has passed away, Ratcliff North Vancouver Estate Lawyers can also assist you in administering an estate and obtaining a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration. We help both Executors and persons who have been named as Beneficiaries in a Will, as well as the surviving family members of people who have died intestate without making a Will.

Giving you peace of mind and providing for your loved ones