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Preserving Your Digital Legacy: Considerations for Estate Planning

    Protect and manage your virtual assets in an evolving online landscape

    In today’s digital era, our lives are intricately intertwined with the online world. We store cherished memories, important documents, and valuable assets in the vast expanse of cyberspace. However, many individuals overlook the significance of planning for their digital legacy in their estate plans. In this blog post, brought to you by Ratcliff LLP’s Wills & Estates Group, we will explore the importance of preserving your digital legacy and provide you with valuable insights to secure your online assets.

    Understanding Your Digital Legacy

    Your digital legacy encompasses a wide range of assets, including:

    • Electronic documents
    • Online currency
    • Photos and videos
    • Records and reward programs
    • Email accounts
    • Domain names
    • Social media profiles
    • Writings and blogs
    • Digital personas and avatars
    • Balances in online accounts

    These assets hold both sentimental and financial value, making it crucial to consider their preservation as part of your estate planning process.

    Consulting an Estate Planning Lawyer

    When it comes to safeguarding your digital assets, consulting an experienced estate planning lawyer is invaluable. A knowledgeable lawyer can:

    • Guide you through the evolving landscape of digital assets
    • Help you incorporate provisions in your Will that grant your chosen executor the authority to manage your digital assets according to your wishes

    Creating a Digital Asset Memorandum

    To facilitate the management of your digital estates, consider creating a comprehensive memorandum specifically outlining your digital assets. This document should include access information and instructions for your various digital devices, including:

    • Email accounts
    • Online storage accounts
    • Social networking platforms
    • Online banking and investment accounts
    • Online media profiles
    • Any other digital assets you possess

    This memorandum empowers your loved ones to effectively navigate and manage your digital legacy.

    Regularly Review and Update

    The digital landscape is constantly evolving, with new platforms emerging and services changing. Therefore, it’s crucial to review and update your digital asset memorandum periodically. By staying up to date and adapting to these changes, you ensure that your loved ones remain equipped to handle your digital estate effectively.

    Preserving Your Digital Legacy

    Your digital legacy represents a testament to the life you’ve lived and the connections you’ve made in the digital realm. By actively considering and planning for your digital assets, you preserve a part of yourself that can be cherished and remembered for generations to come.

    At Ratcliff, we understand the significance of preserving your digital legacy and securing your online assets. Our team of experienced estate planning lawyers is here to guide you through the process, providing personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs. Contact us today to ensure a comprehensive estate plan that includes your valuable digital assets.


    In this digital age, it is crucial to extend our estate planning considerations beyond physical assets and address our digital legacy. By consulting an estate planning lawyer, creating a digital asset memorandum, and regularly reviewing and updating our plans, we can effectively preserve our digital legacies. At Ratcliff, we are committed to assisting you in securing your online assets and leaving a lasting digital legacy.