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Do more than 50% of Canadians fail to walk their dog?

    If you’re like most Canadians and don’t have a Will, consider speaking with an estate lawyer

    It is pouring rain outside.  I know this without looking because I hear the staccato bursts as water sluices off my roof into the gutter and gushes into the downspout right outside my window. 

    So I’m putting off something I should be doing, which is taking the dog for a walk.

    Consequences of Procrastination

    I know there will be consequences if I don’t walk the dog. Consequences for the dog… she’ll get anxious, worried, perplexed. Eventually, she’ll sit by my feet, push her nose (hard!) under my hand for attention, and give me the look that says: “I’m so faithful and loving to you all day every day, why aren’t you doing this one special thing for me?!”

    And I know there will also be consequence for me, because I’ll just keep thinking over and over again that I really should be walking the dog. This will occupy my thoughts and the guilt will distract me from other productive work I could be doing.  

    Of course, if I put it off for too long and don’t do it at all, I know there is going to be some sort of mess to clean up. I can hope that my spouse will clean it up for me, but I know that’s not really very fair…

    I love my dog.  So why would I let my procrastination make it so much more difficult for her?

    If you’re saying to yourself “I would never do that to my dog”, that’s great!  Go ahead and pat yourself on the back.

    But if you’re one of the more than 50% of Canadians who doesn’t have a Will and haven’t done your estate and incapacity planning, then you might want to stop patting yourself… 

    Because the consequences will be similar: your family will be worried and perplexed, and wondering why you wouldn’t do this one special thing to prevent them from cleaning up a mess. And until you do it, you’ll continue to obsess and think how you ought to be doing it, yet will feel the guilt and distraction that your procrastination brings. 

    Committing to your estate and incapacity planning can be as easy for you as walking the dog

    Sure, it requires some of your time and attention, but the future is inevitable, and you’ll be glad you made the investment before you reach your final destination.  Plus, you can rely on us at Ratcliff LLP for the advice and guidance – the ‘trail maps’, as it were – that will help you choose the right path. 

    So walk the dog.  Think how much better you (and the dog) will feel!

    * This information is for general illustration only and is not legal advice.